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A forum for IT innovators in communications, media and entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is currently facing a radical transformation. CIOs and technology executives are trying to respond to increased customer demands for additional viewing options, including online and mobile distribution channels, as well as demands for industry innovation that many cable, gaming, and media and entertainment companies are currently unable to satisfy.

The demand for online content is apparent, but how to monetize this content and deliver rich media are other issues altogether. As IT departments work to deliver their content via the Web and mobile devices, they must also figure out how to create new revenue streams without losing loyal viewers, align technology with current business transformations and achieve both goals without increases in budget or staff.

The CIO CME Summit is an opportunity for attending media and entertainment executives to discuss these IT issues and explore the technology solutions that can help transform their organizations. The technology event's agenda creates opportunities for networking and interaction through roundtables, think tanks and analyst Q&A sessions.

Here are a few reasons to join us:

Insight: Forget the traditional slideshow presentation - the CIO CME Summit is about sharing true insight. Explore critical industry trends and, ultimately, make better-informed decisions for your organization.

Content: Content is king at the CIO CME Summit! You'll hear from more than 35 of your CIO peers throughout the summit. The agenda format promotes value and balance, allowing you to maximize your time out of office.

Networking: Exchange ideas and build long-lasting professional relationships that will follow you throughout your career.

Takeaways: With more than 120 C-suite business leaders in attendance, The CIO CME Summit creates an intimate and unique environment that will allow you to take ideas back to your business.

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